Preparing documents for the University

Each University has its own specific admission requirements and list of documents needed for acceptance, that's why students usually face some difficulties trying to prepare documents and apply for the University. We’ll help you to work out this problem: just call us or fill in the form.

Pre-University training

You can study in Russia even if your language skills are not well enough or even if you don't know Russian language at all. A lot of Universities in Russia offer students one-year Preparatory courses. During this year you will not only improve Russian language, but also gain more knowledge in major disciplines connected with a field of your future studies. For example, if you want to study medicine your preparatory course will include Russian language, biology, chemistry and physics. Moreover you will have a chance to explore Russian culture and get used to new surroundings. Also it is more simple to pass the entering exam to the University after attending the preparatory courses in this University.

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Compulsory Medical insurance

Medical insurance is obligatory for foreign student coming to Russia. If you will live in Russia, touristic insurance is not enough; it is not accepted in most of clinics and hospitals. Students without medical insurance policy can be fined. Fill in form on our website and we will help you to arrange the insurance in time and offer the most profitable options from reliable companies.

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Transfer to the University

Our organization will help you not to get lost in unfamiliar place when you first come to Russia. Our comfortable cars quickly and safely take you to the University or hostel.

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